Quick and easy - A quick and easy way to display content for my organization! Customer service was great when working on setting it up and running in to issues.
Tom Michels - Teacher at Lombard Middle School
Great Features Great Price - Very easy to use and flexible features that allow creativity without complication. New features released since I purchased made it even easier. Looked at many competitive options and this was BY FAR the most reasonably priced
Mike Blumenthal - President and Chief Instructor at Millennium Martial Arts
Very good - Ground breaking software. Just suited for what we need.
Stephen Lovell - CEO at Lovell Communications
Very easy to use, and best .. to understand.
My business is located in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada, the customer service level is second to none. You would think this is located next door. That good!
shane dafoe - Owner at Newsbreak Cafe and Grill
Makes Us Look Big Low price large screen TV's and QuickESign makes my business shine. I show images of upsell items and customers buy. I run several restaurants and one of them is a BBQ joint. My bread and butter is the BBQ sandwich but my big money comes from RIBS and CHICKEN. By showing pic and videos of these items is what sells it. Pictures on the wall can't compare, humans look at TV's. This is a fact we have doubled the number of sales of up sell items with the use of digital visual aides. At another restaurant we are fine dining. I installed a TV outside near the front door above the menu case. What ever items we need to sell we put on display and wow it dictates what the customers buy. Once again people look at video screens.
Martin Shaffer - Owner at Avon Downtown Deli
Great, Low Cost Signage - Initially the interface took a little getting used to, but we are using it frequently now with very good results. Great for use in our middle school cafeteria! Really appreciate the customer service!
Matt Jacobson - at Galesburg District 205
Outstanding......and it keeps getting better - We were looking for a solution for digital signage in our building. After starting out with a single Roku stick and QuickESign, we quickly added 5 additional. It is easy to configure, can be updated quickly and looks great.
Tom Lesnak - President at Independence EDC
Quick and Professional - I was in the market for a digital signage that looked professional, gave me the ease of editing from multiple devices, and was easy to boot. QuickESign has accomplished all of these. Our digital sign is the first things people see when they walk into our building, and I have been very happy with this service.
Aaron Most - Science and Technology Educator at Grace Christian Academy